Technical Artist

Website PT Agate International

Game Development


• Create & customize shader, post-process, or rendering pipeline to achieve product’s art direction needs
• Create & customize in-engine animation rigs/simulations, animation states & behaviors, and physics materials to achieve product’s art direction needs
• Develop tools to help author and manage high quality and quantity of art assets
• Help optimize art assets and visual features
• Help setting up pipelines and write tools to support them
• Be a jack of all trades when necessary to generate great positive impact to art team’s output & productivity
• Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech and design teams to integrate team’s visual vision to final playable product

• Proficiency of 3D Digital Content Creation software (Blender, zbrush, Maya, 3DSmax, etc.). You need to adapt to Blender for production pipeline in Agate.
• Excellent knowledge of 2D Digital Content Creation software (Photoshop, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, etc)
• Familiar with shader languages (HLSL, GLSL) and shader editors (shadergraph/ASE/Shaderforge for Unity and UE4 Material Editor)
• Solid knowledge of mobile and console tech art techniques as well as fundamental art principles.
• Proven track record of both artistic and technical creativity with a passion for solving problems
• Strong understanding of performance and optimization in video games
• A proactive communicator, willing to give and receive constructive feedback
• 3+ years of professional experience in game development as Tech Art, Artist, or Programmer with at least one shipped title (excluding academic projects

• Strong knowledge of Python, C#, C++ or JavaScript
• Experience with character rigging for animation
• Good knowledge of mathematics and physics (vector calculus, linear algebra)

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