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Retail Fashion

Company Description: When two aspiring visionaries decided to take their passion for dolce vita to an entirely new level by founding Metroxgroup in 2004, the terms ‘life’ and ‘style’ were barely coming together. Today, less than a decade later, Metrox has become one of the fastest growing, nimble, highly spirited and forward thinking organizations with more than 278 points of sales, 20 brands and 3 offices in Indonesia, Singapore and China. In fact, we even have ‘lifestyle’ as our last name. The advent of Metrox by all means, paved a path to a universe of indulgence where affluent consumers are rewarded with a diversified range of lifestyle products of internationally renowned brands. Job Description:

• Melakukan data entry Pajak
• Membuat invoice atas transaksi
• Melakukan pengajuan pembayaran & pelaporan perpajakan (Pph21, Pph23/4(2))
• Membuat bukti potong pajak

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