Software Developer

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Job Description
JAVA Developer
• Develop high-quality software design and architecture
• Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle
• Develop tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code
• Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting
• Review and debug code
• Perform validation and verification testing
• Collaborate with internal teams and vendors to fix and improve products
• Document development phases and monitor systems
• Ensure software is up-to-date with latest technologies
Front End Engineer
• Research new technologies and propose solutions to user needs.
• Identify UI problems and bugs and devise elegant solutions.
• Participate in code reviews and ship code on a daily basis.
• Develop fully functional web applications that align with business objectives.
• Create high resolution mockups to test interfaces with users.
• Complete all required paperwork and documentation according to guidelines and deadlines as assigned.
• Exemplify both technical expertise and empathy.
• Overhaul user interfaces to optimize for speed and ease of use.
Minimum Qualifications
JAVA Developer
• Minimum Bachelor degree in IT, information system, computer science or related field
• Minimum 2 year experience in Java programming language (Java & Spring)
• Extensive experience in software development, scripting and project management
• Experience using system monitoring tools and automated testing frameworks
• Experienced and having strong technical knowledge in Java Programming Language
• In-depth knowledge of relational databases
• Familiarity with various operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
• Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
• Ability to work independently
• Excellent organizational and leadership skill
Front End Engineer
• Minimum bachelor degree in IT; Information System; Computer Science; Management Information
• Minimum 1 year experience in related role (Fresh graduate are welcome to apply)
• Having basic knowledge of Javascript are welcome with eager to learn more
• Having basic knowledge of Native Framework is a plus
• Experienced in Android Java/Kotlin & IOS Swift
• Good understanding hybrid framework React Native/ Ionic / Cordova
• Willing to learn something new
• Can work underpressure

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