Senior Data Analyst (Banking)

Website Amar Bank



  • Provide analysis to measure impact of new feature, business flow, campaign and present the result in visual way to make data storytelling easier
  • Create new & manage automated report/dashboard based on requirement defined by Stakeholders to ensure Stakeholders consume correct and latest data
  • Create new & manage Data Mart to make work easier & faster
  • Ensure correctness of data by collaborate with Data Engineer to maintain data quality aspect
  • Become strategic partner with Stakeholders from various background by advising new metrics, data source, visualization and other analytical methods for better data-based decisions
  • Must be capable of tailoring complex messages into simplified and business applicable material
  • Aware of beside high accuracy, speed delivery of task as important as well


  • Have experience related with data (Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence, Business Analyst, Product Analyst, etc) at least 3 years
  • Can create user friendly and insightful dashboard/report using one of various BI Tools (Eg: Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, etc)
  • Can operate various type of data sources (Eg: NoSQL, RDBMS, JSON, etc) to be implemented in analysis & report/dashboard
  • Have experience to provide analysis (Descriptive/Diagnostic/Predictive/Prescriptive) with help of analytics tool (Eg: Big Query, Python, R, SPSS, etc)
  • Have knowledge of Data Mining concept (Eg: Statistics, Machine Learning, Forecasting, etc)
  • Experience in Bankin g and fully understand end to end flow process of Digital Lending
  • Can explain of own project which he/she worked on using great storytelling skill
  • Thinks of a more holistic approach/cross functions
  • Comfortable working with million rows of data
  • Thinks out of the box to propose and implement an alternative solution if needed
  • Good intrapersonal skills to collaborate within/across function
  • Self driven, high curiosity, problem solving mindset and very detail oriented

Bonus point if:

  • Have experience using Google Big Query
  • Have experience to explore data from 3rd party platform (Eg: Web & Mobile Analytics Platform, Marketing Attribution Platform, API logging platform, etc)
  • Have best practice to build Data Mart

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