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Who are we?

Amar Bank is one of the most technologically advanced digital banks in Indonesia. Our leading digital lending product, Tunaiku has the distinction of being the first FinTech product in Indonesia. We are also the first digital bank on the cloud. As the first profitable digital bank, we managed to get listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

How did we manage to do that?

We are changing people’s perception of a bank. We believe we are the innovators who combine customer focus principles with creating technology-based impact. We incorporate freedom and flexibility as part of our startup working culture DNA to encourage innovation in creating better financial solutions for the banking industry. We think of ourselves as, ‘A technology company with a banking license’. For this reason, we ‘Act like a FinTech, and think like a Bank.’

How did it all start?

Founded on March 15, 1991, in Surabaya as PT Anglomas International Bank (Amin Bank), the bank was acquired by Tolaram Group and transformed to PT Bank Amar Indonesia (Amar Bank) in 2014. It has then undergone a significant digital transformation to become one of the country’s forerunning fintech institutions through its award-winning digital lending platform, Tunaiku.

Our philosophy, mission, and vision

Technology must impact lives, must improve lives. We exist to provide banking to those who ‘need’ and not only to those who ‘want’. Services when provided to those who need at the time of their need brings smiles. Our vision is to bring 200 million smiles.

More about the bank with startup culture environment

Consist of 1000+ people, you will meet people who love to grow, dream big, and actually have fun at the workplace! We provide a great working environment that pushes people to grow outside their comfort zone. People with high drive and ambition find us a very attractive place to work as their career growth matches their own drive and not any staid policies. Thus we hold the honor of being awarded “Best Place to Work in Indonesia”.Recently Amar Bank was awarded as Inspirational Brand from APEA (Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards) 2022. Of course, our innovation won’t stop here. So if you would love to be a part of it, have a growth mindset, and are constantly hungry for challenges, we invite you to join us in our journey to ‘Impact Lives’.

Join us today and create #unlimitedinnovations!

Job Description

  • To plan, forecast and execute paid marketing activities to achieve growth target (acquisitions)
  • Ensure acquisitions of potential users with considering of quality of traffic, efficiency of cost and ensuring the capability of scale anytime needed
  • Deep analysis on every performance from campaigns, channel, content and ad assets level, and bring insights to get most optimal results
  • Master all relevant metrics to campaign and ensure campaigns has been always relevant to the product and market
  • Monitor, analyze and optimize every aspect of campaigns performance
  • Ensure campaign has been meet the growth and profitability KPI
  • Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders (creatives, tech, product, branding, business, etc) to ensure all activities has been effectively working along well to achieve ultimate goal of growth


  • Past experience working in paid performance marketing for minimum 5 years
  • Mastering digital marketing channels focused on paid performance for Mobile App
  • Has been managing paid performance budget
  • Mastering media strategy, performance analytics, and campaign optimization
  • In-depth knowledge on digital marketing channels (google ads, facebook ads, tiktok, apple search ads, twitter ads, programmatic, ad networks, eom, etc)
  • Deep understanding of ad fraud on mobile app growth landscape
  • Experience and able to utilize mobile measurement platform (MMP) or mobile analytics platform to get the most of it, beyond measurement insights
  • Comfortable with numbers, metrics, budget and planning
  • Master in excel for data processing which relevant to heavy marketing data

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