Junior Graphic Designer

Website Bekantan Creative

Creative Agency


Internship Qualification :

Students from the University
Currently enroll on an internship / research / Job Training (PKL) assignment for a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree
The duration of internships accepted 6 months
What We Are Looking For:

Majoring in: DKV, Graphic Design, Arts, or Multimedia.
Passionate Design & Multimedia Apps (Adobe Creative Suite, etc)
Have learn design theory & principle
Trying to be the best version of themselves
Have a strong interest in the area of work and good integrity
Able to work in a team
Interset in Website Design (Preferable)
Interest in Motion Graphic (Preferable)
Interest in Photography (Preferable)
What Will You Do :

Assist in branding development & research
Assist in design for affiliated clients
Assist in photography services
Assist in design for social media

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