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Who are we?

Amar Bank is one of the most technologically advanced digital banks in Indonesia. Our leading

digital lending product, Tunaiku has the distinction of being the first FinTech product in

Indonesia. We are also the first digital bank on the cloud. As the first profitable digital bank, we

managed to get listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

How did we manage to do that?

We are changing people’s perception of a bank. We believe we are the innovators who combine

customer focus principles with creating technology-based impact. We incorporate freedom and

flexibility as part of our startup working culture DNA to encourage innovation in creating better

financial solutions for the banking industry. We think of ourselves as, ‘A technology company

with a banking license’. For this reason, we ‘Act like a FinTech, and think like a Bank.’

How did it all start?

Founded on March 15, 1991, in Surabaya as PT Anglomas International Bank (Amin Bank), the

bank was acquired by Tolaram Group and transformed to PT Bank Amar Indonesia (Amar Bank)

in 2014. It has then undergone a significant digital transformation to become one of the

country’s forerunning fintech institutions through its award-winning digital lending platform,


Our philosophy, mission, and vision

Technology must impact lives, must improve lives. We exist to provide banking to those who

‘need’ and not only to those who ‘want’. Services when provided to those who need at the time

of their need brings smiles. Our vision is to bring 200 million smiles.

More about the bank with startup culture environment

Consist of 1000+ people, you will meet people who love to grow, dream big, and actually have

fun at the workplace! We provide a great working environment that pushes people to grow

outside their comfort zone. People with high drive and ambition find us a very attractive place to

work as their career growth matches their own drive and not any staid policies. Thus we hold

the honor of being awarded “Best Place to Work in Indonesia”.

Recently Amar Bank was awarded as Inspirational Brand from APEA (Asia Pacific Enterprise

Awards) 2022. Of course, our innovation won’t stop here. So if you would love to be a part of it,

have a growth mindset, and are constantly hungry for challenges, we invite you to join us in our

journey to ‘Impact Lives’.

Join us today and create #unlimitedinnovations!


  • Understand the provisions and regulations set by the Regulator and the applicable laws and regulations regarding bank activities
  • Review and/or recommend updating and improving the Bank’s policies, provisions, systems and procedures with the provisions of regulation and the prevailing laws and regulations
  • Identify, measure, monitor and control compliance risk with reference to the provisions
  • Prepare training materials to disseminate information to all Bank employees regarding matters related to the Compliance
  • Prepare reports on the implementation of the Bank’s Compliance function activities to the stakeholder in the Bank and Regulator
  • Monitoring and ensuring that new provisions/regulations have been distributed to all related work units and inform to related work units on reporting obligations to Regulator
  • Conduct compliance review and/or checklist on various products and activities and credit with carry out timely, clear and consistent reporting
  • Disseminate and ensure training materials related to the Compliance Function and APU/PPT


  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Have knowledge about compliance and anti-money laundering, banking products and services, specifically digital products from Financial Services Institutions
  • 7 Years’ experience and at least 5 years relevant experience
  • Communication, Technical, Computer and Analysis Skill in related area
  • Good logic and analytical thinking
  • Willingness to learn and high morale
  • Ability to work in a team

We exist to support consumer confidence in the financial system. We design regulatory objectives to protect investors and ensure that markets are fair, efficient, and transparent.

It’s our job to identify risks that an organization faces and advise on how to avoid or address them. We implement controls to protect the organization from those risks. We monitor and report on the effectiveness of controls in the management of the organization’s risk exposure. Our monitoring activities also include keeping an eye on business development to keep it within rules made by regulators.

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